jeudi 8 juillet 2010

I'm back !

Hello pretty boys and pretty girls,

Je suis de retour de la Belgique (Bruxelles est une tuerie, surtout en termes de petits bars sympas et de shopping vintage).

M'attendait tranquillement à la maison un petit colis "soldes" de chez Urban Outfitters (je ne suis pas très Topshop, mais très Urban).

Entendons nous, il ne s'agissait pas d'un gros lâchage avec assèchement en mode Mer Morte de mon compte en banque.

Non, non, j'ai préféré faire ça à Werchter.

Enfin, j'y ai acheté un body en dentelle noire Silence+Noise, une paire de chaussetes dites "slouchy" (tout mou quoi) et une tirelire funky.

Amusante l'anecdote de la tirelire non ?

Hello pretty girls and pretty boys,

I'm back from Belgium (where Brussels is a killer place for nice bars and cool vintage shopping).

A little "sales" Urban Outfitters package was waiting for me at homme.

Nothing very expansive, I kept my money (and wasted it) for Werchter.

So I bought a lace body from Silence+Noise, a slouchy pair of socks and a funny can for saving my money.

Don't you think bying a piggy bank when I've just wasted my money is ironic ?

See U !

Le badge Pink Floyd est une véritable pièce vintage achetée chez "Lucien Cravate" à Bruxelles (j'aime dire "pièce" ça fait clâââsse).

Il y avait des tas de badges géniaux comme un Don Johnson et un Berlin ("take my breath awaaayyyy").

J'ai été stupide de pas les acheter !

Grrrr !!!

The Pink Floyd's badge I'm wearing is a real vintage one, bying at "Lucien Cravate" in Brussels. There were hundreds of cool badges like a Don Jonhson and a Berlin ("take my breath awaaaaayyyyyy") ones.

I've been so stupid not to bying them !

Une petite photo rigolote pour finir. Notez que la ceinture est bien bouclée.

This Outfit :

Body : Silence+Noise
Veste denim/denim jacket : Zara (ancienne collection)
Le reste/Everything else : vintage ou handmade.

33 commentaires:

  1. The lace body must be great to wear in his weather! I love that you stayed it with a denim vest with real vintage badges. It's a great touch that people don't usually come up with and it looks awesome on you. Have to love the shoes too because I'm such a big sucker for great oxfords.

  2. tu es tres tres belle! J'adore cette ensemble, en particuliere le badge Pink Floyd vintage xxx

  3. that body is adorable!! really looking forward one of those but i don't think I'll be brave enough to wear it

  4. wow great outfit!!!! you got nice stuff at urban outfitters..i really need to make a trip into that store...ive been too addicted to H&M lately.

  5. ooh, i love the pink floyd pin.

    and thanks for the sweet comment- i love it when people appreciate my 80's references!


  6. Ok now i see its true. Parisians have the best style.

  7. like u said, hotpants = LOVE !;)

  8. Damn,i LOVE your lace top.such intricate detailing,It looks fab :D

    StopAndStareStyle - btw,posted my SECOND EVVVER look on here lol,so i'd love to hear your feedback.It would be much MUCH appreciated :D

  9. you look so pretty in the lace body-m i really love it! very cute look

    Come enter my giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse if you like! xx

  10. I LOVE your shoes and your purse!! Your style is so cool!

  11. i love your smile :) & that addition of the denim vest is just awesome, really lovely! <3

  12. i love your outfit!! soo cute

  13. lovely pictures. i admire your sense for style, you always look so sweet and unique.:)
    ps; love the necklace.xx

  14. je suis fan de ton body en dentelle, il est magnifique *-* !!

  15. thank you <3

    your body is amazing! <333

  16. You have great style and I love all your photos. I desperately want your bag!

    evie x

    (and thank you for stopping by my blog earlier too - I'm very happy to have been introduced to you and your blog!)

  17. I love that bag! And I wish I could pull of translucent lace blouses. Okay, maybe not, I'm too conservative but I think it looks great on you.

    A from A + B in the Sea

  18. That is such a gorgeous lace top! I really like the colour and softness of your photos...the last one is really cute.

  19. I might be going to Brussels in 3 weeks so you've made me very excited to hear about the good shopping there! The badges are such a cool touch. Love your piggyback idea, it can never hurt to save more for the next grand shopping trip right?

  20. darling, you look absolutely wonderful. x

  21. great blog, merci for visiting me :)
    & yes, the pictures are mine

    now following you. follow me?

  22. Goodness I LOVE your Pink Floyd pin/badge/button. Your clothes are all too cute.
    xxx bee

  23. i love that lace blouse! and the brogues too :) cute outfit girl.

  24. I am so bummed I missed out on the vintage shopping when I was in Bruxelles, it was February and so cold I didn't want to get out and do much! I will have to go back and will get your recommendations...

    Veryyy cute outfit! I adore your blog..such a great space in cyber space.

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    PS thank you for you comment about Alice Taglioni...I googled her and I am flattered!!!

  25. I lvoe your outfit - those shoes are fabulous!

  26. NIAH! J'adore la dentelle.
    Et tu la porte si bien!

  27. Oh tu es parti a Bruxelles, ma ville natale! Le short te va tres bien et j adore le sac a main!

  28. This is a gorgeous outfit!! I love your oxfords especially :)