dimanche 24 juillet 2011

I feel like going home, locking myself in and playing FIFA

Hello !

Je viens de voir le régressif Attack the Block. Soit un mélange de films de bande de gosses old shool (Goonies) et de films de monstres 80's (Gremlins et Critters)

Certes dans un mois, je ne m'en souviendrais certainement plus. Mais là, dans l'instant, ce film fait son petit effet.

Irrévérencieux, fun, déjanté, grossier et gore, vous aurez également le plaisir d'apprendre quelques expressions made in London, from the block.

Et d'y retrouvez Nick Frost (la grosse bête attachante de Shaun of the Dead ou Hot Fuzz) en dealer lâche.

Allez-y de ma part.

OK, so I've just seen Attack the Block, and be blessed you british people for having made this pure moment of fun, gore and energy.

It's a mix between kids movies (The Goonies), and 80's monsters movies (hello Critters and Gremlins. No really, the black fluo-teethed aliens look a lot like the cute critters)

So maybe I will have forgotten this movie in something like...a month, but anyway, it was so good !

And I've got some kind of pact with myself : seeing every stuff with Nick Frost or Simon Pegg.

So...Go and see it !

See U !

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