jeudi 29 avril 2010

Pieces of Paris

Voilà les photos que j'ai faites de Lady Paris il y a quelques mois.

Dans quelques temps, je devrais avoir un nouvel appareil photo, bien plus performant.

Il faudra que j'apprenne à le dompter !

J'aimerais monter une autre vision de Paris, plus populaire, moins touristique.
Mais sans verser dans le "Doisneau style" , je laisse ça aux pros !

See U !

These are pictures I've made months ago of my dear city.

In few months, I'll have a new camera, a better one.
I can't wait to take thousand pictures of the city !

I'd like to show another side and vision of Paris. Not only the touristic one !

See U !

7 commentaires:

  1. Salut ! On s'est vues chez Diane, je crois ?

  2. I love these photos. Paris is such a beautiful city.
    starship narcissus

  3. I am dying to visit Paris. I am sure it is about to become my favourite city in the world.

    Aimee x

  4. See, this is the reason I love reading blogs! How else would I have met you and found out what a talented photographer you are dear? I love the colours, shadows and the angles of the buildings. Very dramatic as only Paris can be! Cannot wait to see more pictures. xx

  5. Ha. Oh no. Can't believe I misspelt Louboutin! Thanks for telling me hon. I would blame it on my dyslexia but my dyslexia is not that bad. lol Xx