mardi 27 avril 2010

Dans la brume électrique

Je viens de revoir ce film magnifique de Bertrand Tavernier, tourné en Louisiane avec Tommy Lee Jones.

Une histoire de meurtre de jeune prostituée, en plein bayou, en plein soleil, en pleine moiteur...dans la brume électrique.

Baigné de musique cajun, couvert des cicatrices de Katrina, c'est une merveille et un portrait de l'Amérique sudiste.

Pas de brume électrique aujourd'hui à Paris, mais de l'électricité dans l'air.

De celle qui précède l'orage.

J'ai tout de même sorti une tenue printanière, comme un point rageur levé au ciel ronchon

Rebel without a cause !

Sinon, j'ai emmené Diana dans ma petite escapade. Et j'ai fini ma deuxième pellicule.
Je suis un peu soucieuse, je ne sais pas ce que ça va donner.

Mais si les photos sont exploitables, elles se retrouveront très vite ici !

See U !

This Outfit :

jumpsuit/combinaison : Zara
Ceinture/belt : Kookaï
Flats/ballerines : Repetto
Veste/jacket : Zara
.... et Diana !

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet and understanding comment. I was slightly worried I might offend people but on the other hand I am very very angry the way skinny girls are treated. Last week I was out shopping and these two chubby girls walked past me and said I need to eat a burger and fries! They said I was afraid of food and they laughed calling me chicken legs. I was so hurt. So when I read about all the hate directed towards Alexa, I felt for her and I needed to speak up. I feel for you too pretty lady and I am sorry about what happened. I am completely certain your boyfriend loves the way you look, how could he not? You are beautiful. Anyway, thanks for all the support as usual. Much love bella.

    Oh, I nearly forgot to mention how nice you look in the Zara jumpsuit and I adore the leather satchel. I have one just like it and you know, this is funny but I always put jam sandwhiches in mine! My husband thinks I am crazy but when we are out and he gets hungry he always fishes in my bag to get my sandwhiches. Ha.

  2. I think it's a very good idea, men are always hungry !

    See U !

  3. J'adore ta combi :)
    De jolies photos...

  4. Thank you ever so much for your comment on my Glossy Magazine blog. I also have my personal blog,


  5. Love this outfit! I haven't seen the jumpsuit at Zara recently but i need it! floral print + jumpsuit = YES!


  6. parfaite ces photos, j'aime beaucoup :)